Why Small Groups?

In Acts 2 we see that the first believers were devoting themselves to the teaching of
the apostles, to fellowship, to breaking bread, and to prayer.
Devoting oneself to these aspects of church life cannot be accomplished at a
Sunday service alone. As a Christian community, we need to find ways apart from
Sunday services to be in close relationship with one another. This is not always easy
in the society in which we live with our busy lifestyles. However, we believe that in
small groups this is one way in which to achieve this.

Small Groups at GGC

There is no fixed format to the GGC small groups (SG’s), with most groups meeting weekly, but some meeting fortnightly or monthly in homes throughout the city. We believe that the SG’s can contribute to a biblical pattern of communal life through:

  1. Discipleship. SG’s provide opportunities for us to learn from each other as we apply the gospel within the intimacy of our relationships.
  2. Accountability. SG’s facilitate accountability in our relationships by providing friendship and fellowship that is not always possible from just attending Sunday services.
  3. Shepherding. Paul exhorts us to encourage the disheartened and help the weak (1 Thessalonians 5:14). This can be far more effectively done in a small group situation.
  4. Hospitality. In the Bible we are encouraged to practice hospitality as part of the biblical pattern of communal life and our SG’s provide us with the opportunity to do this.
  5. Evangelism. SG’s are a great support base for us as “sent ones”, where we can be accountable to one another in our disciple making, through prayer, and sharing testimonies.
  6. Prayer. SG’s provide us with opportunities to pray together in a less intimidating environment.
  7. Fellowship. As we catch up with friends and make new ones, we learn how others are attempting to live a Christian life in a secular world.

Join a Small Group

Benson & Beatrice Okyere-Manu

City Centre | Tuesday | Weekly

Dave and Laurelle Blanks

Baynesfield | Sunday | Monthly

Enwongo and Dorcas Ettang

Pelham | Monday | Weekly

Mosala & Makhosi Balatseng

Lincoln Meade | Thursday | Weekly

Rob & Sandie Griffin

Oribi | Thursday | Weekly

Roger and Colleen Orton

Scottsville | Tuesday | Fortnightly

Sybert and Pamela Mutereko

Clarendon | Saturday | Weekly